Sepsis is a top killer in US hospitals yearly, claiming more than 250,000 lives and costing the US $30 billion dollars.

Often misdiagnosed as flu, stroke or heart problems, patients with sepsis are in rapid decline and most die because valuable time is wasted treating something else. We must work harder to stop sepsis and a simple blood test can do this!

About the book: How to survive sepsis, be a patient advocate, navigate complex hospital system and how a family had to shift into the ultimate high gear to save the life of Jim Howell after a “routine” surgery went terribly wrong. This book will make you trust your instincts, is a how-to guide for anyone facing surgery. It is a playbook for patients and their family members on what to do before undergoing any type of surgery. A must read! Checklists, tips and real stories that will leave you thinking in “high gear” followed by positive, actionable steps you can take for better outcomes. This book contains the true story of what happened to Jim Howell and the incredible–unimaginable–toll it took on his wife and family. Readers will have a new sense of urgency when sepsis is suspected with an understanding that fast action is critical to saving lives. Sepsis is the “masked murderer” and almost took the life of Jim Howell twice. This book is for anyone wanting to learn more and be surgery ready! It is for hospitals, nurses, physicians and patients everywhere!

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